A dramatic Heat 2 race as Liam Morley speeds past Lee Harpham to claim pole position. Morley managed to pass the previous race winner and build a 1.547 second gap to race across the line at the front of the grid. The #24 kart also achieved the fastest lap time of the Division One class, recording a 1:28.808 with a travelling speed of 100.82 mph.

Driver Paul Platt dominates once again in the 250 National class, getting ahead of both the Plain brothers to secure a sixth place start on the grid in the final race. In the 450 National class, #11 kart Kevin Ridley continues to outpace his fellow competitors and race amongst the more powerful Division One and 250 National classes. A similar story for 125 Open driver Tom Riley who leads the kart class, with around two seconds separating himself from close competitor Michael Parr.

It’s all to play for in the final race of the British Superkart Grand Prix weekend, with Lee Harpham starting in pole position against rival driver Liam Morley. Who will claim the coveted first place trophy and stand on the podium as the victor?

Watch all the racing live on the BRSCC YouTube channel here.

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