The first race of the final British Superkart Championship round is over, and with it came an abundance of phenomenal on-track action. Drivers from across the classes pushed themselves and their karts to the limit as they collate the last crucial points to move up in the standings.

It seems Lee Harpham feels at home on the Cadwell Park track as he takes the race win and continues to lead this weekend’s Division One class. Harpham was closely followed by #5 kart Ross Allen, but over the twelve-minute race managed to extend his lead by just over two seconds.

Paul Platt once again made his presence known at the top of the grid, securing the same position he achieved in the qualifying session. Platt’s staggering lead ahead of the rest of the F250 National class puts him in good stead for the rest of the championship weekend. A couple places behind, Lee and Luke Plain were closely competing for second in the class with Lee crossing the line three seconds ahead of the #25 kart.

As for the F450 National, Charles Johnson was defending his position against Garry Ward and successfully claimed victory by less than a second. The F125 National race was championed by Tom Riley who continues to add to his career wins.

With only two races left, the drivers will need to push to the absolute limit to ensure that their chances of the championship win are within sight.

Here is the grid for tomorrow’s (Sunday 29th August) first race at 10:40am.

15Div 1Ross Allen
231Div 1Sam Moss
347Div 1Lee Harpham
420Div 1Andy Gulliford
518Div 1Andrew Waite
63Div 1Carl Kinsey
7GPF250Paul Platt
8101F250Lee Plain
946F450Charles Johnson
1025F250Luke Plain
1156F250Michael Goff
1274Div 1William Lawrence
1355F450Garry Ward
1438F250Paul Glenister
1522F250Martin Gower
1697F125Tom Riley
1766Div 1John Faulkner
1892F250Ben Ardern
1949F125Michael Parr
2050F450John Busby
2183F125Paul von Gerard
2288F450Andrew Connell
2351F250Steve Socki
2427F250Ami Jerger
2590F125Robert Austin
2640F450Alan Flewitt
2728F250Ian Luto
2817F125Gary Potkins

Image credits: Bourne Photographic Creative Imagery.

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