The first race of the British Superkart Championships at Anglesey Circuit was one filled with dramatic and thrilling racing across all groups on the track. Swift overtakes, pedal to the floor action right until the completion of the final lap.

Liam Morley looked very comfortable at the front of the grid, where he stayed right until the race finish flag. Morley managed to widen the gap against his closest competition in the Division 1 category, Ross Allen, by just under twenty seconds. Will Morley be able to secure pole position tomorrow, or can his competition in Division 1 challenge him?

In the F450, it is yet another achievement by Mark Gellatly who had a large gap lead, which he sustained throughout the entire race. Gellatly’s next closest competitors, Edward Johnson and Ward were battling it out further back on the track to occupy second place, with Edward Johnson just taking the coveted position by around three seconds.

Paul Platt led the F250s in the first race, but Lee Plain was not allowing him to get away easily in his Anderson DEA. With only a couple seconds between the two drivers, it was obvious that each were mustering up all their racing skills to get pole in their group. It is expected that both Platt and Plain will continue to provide us with this type of track action in the final two races.

In the final group, the F125s, Tom Riley once again took pole with a gap against closest competitors Michael Parr and Mark Bramhall of around two seconds. Riley was able to continue his lead throughout the day’s sessions, but can he replicate this in the final races?

The first day of the round at Anglesey has set the benchmark for the final two races, where we expect to see more remarkable racing from all our drivers.

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Photography credits to Bourne Photographic.

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