Cadwell is now a 2 day Meeting?

Following the cancellation of the Cadwell event scheduled for 10th April by the BRSCC there were limited alternative available dates to move the meeting and following feedback upon the release of the original calendar Motorsport UK took the opportunity to move to a 2 day format which was also welcomed by the meeting organisers who would have struggled with fitting the needed track time at that meeting into one day.

What is the downtime between races for Mallory?

For practice sessions there will be at least 40 minutes between sessions with at least 60 minutes between each race.

Will there be testing available for Mallory?

We have been advised that there will be testing on the Friday however at the time of finalising this document we were awaiting confirmation of details. As soon as this information has been received we will of course let you.


Can I use new tyres that I purchased last year but never used?

Having received support including Event prizes from the nominated suppliers all tyres for the British Championship Events must be bought via the nominated supplier as prescribed in Article 4.4.1 of the Championship Regulations.

How many sets of tyres can I use for the first meeting at Mallory?

As the first meeting you are entitled to purchase 2 new sets and one further set for each subsequent Championship meeting (Article of the Championship Regulations).


What price is the controlled fuel?

The current price for the fuel (Hiperflo 250) is £3.01 per litre (plus VAT) and is provided in 25 litre cans

How do I purchase my control fuel?

The fuel must be purchased from the nominated supplier Vital Equipment
Fuel must be pre-ordered by 17:00 on the Friday a week prior to the meeting. As an example for Mallory, the fuel must be ordered by 17:00 on Friday 14th May.

Will my controlled fuel be delivered to the track?

Yes. The fuel will be available for collection from the Vital Equipment vehicle, from 08.00 on the morning of the meeting.

Will there be fuel testing at the meetings?

Yes. Fuel testing equipment will be in attendance at the meetings and random samples will be taken and tested.


Why do Teams need insurance?

A professional team accepting money in return for services has certain responsibilities and is responsible for all activities within their premises i.e., awning at the meeting, as well as a duty of care to their employees (if any) working within the awning.

Such commercial operators should have necessary insurances in place for their registered business address and when they attend an event their commercial working area is at the venue and therefore the insurance must also be in place in this instance. On a strict interpretation of the Motorsport UK policy the in-awning or in-garage activities at an Event may be considered outside of the scope of the policy.

Teams are also required to have an Entrant Licence does this not provide them Public Liability Insurance under the Permit?
As licensed Entrants they are covered by the Motorsport UK master insurance policy for the purposes of competition however they are responsible for the activity they are providing services for and within their awning and therefore must be suitably insured.

Do I have to have insurance if I have more than two mechanics in my awning?

If as an independent driver you have mechanics to assist you then we do not mandate Public Liability Insurance. The requirement is purely for a ‘Team’ as defined in “a commercial race company or racing team hosting drivers and providing services….and receiving financial reward”.

As a ‘commercial race company or racing team’ these organisations would be required to have both public and employers liability insurance as well as professional indemnity insurance where necessary and this must also be extended to their operation at the venue.

If there are a few individual drivers that group their awnings together is that classed as a team?

If independent drivers wish to group their awnings together this is not a problem and would not be classed as a ‘Team’.
However if there is a ‘commercial race company or racing team’ in attendance within those awnings then yes that organisation would need an Entrant licence and meet the requirements of


Does the mechanic that looks after my engine rebuilds, not at the meeting, need an entrants license?

There is no current requirement for an Engine builder to have an Entrant licence and if they are not attending the meetings they need not register.


Can I enter a championship round as a guest if I am not registered for the Championship?

The provision for Guest drivers is purely where a Championship has attracted less than 10 registrations for the first round and therefore we would be unable to run a Championship for that class. All other entries must be fully registered for the Championship.


Will Motorsport UK be publicising the events to attract competitors to the championship rounds?

Motorsport UK currently has a person establishing a social media action plan. The Championship Facebook page has now gone live.

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